Attention Grabbing Classic Bath…

When I saw this bathroom by Studio Marler on Houzz,  it immediately grabbed my attention…eclectic-bathroom


Overall  – this bathroom is a wonderful example of harmonious design.

Details –  first of all — the Kohler Purist Faucet !  The Purist line has become my all time favorite plumbing fixture. ( Shown in this bathroom  with the  lever handle, but I love the cross handles as well – see  below) pursit faucet

And then… brass!*  I have also developed a love affair with brass in the past few years  – Don’t groan!! – this is not your 80’s and 90’s shiny brass finish that flakes off! We are talking quality brass here… a timeless finish that can be used to warm up a space (vs. the use of  chrome or brushed nickel).  *Kohler actually refers to this finish as Brushed Gold.

Next in this room are some classic elements – the stained glass window and the basket weave marble mosaic floor tile – mixed with rustic – the walnut stained barn board used for the tub apron.

The key to mixing styles is to have a balance of the mix.  In this room that balance  is achieved with the use of the (oh so very versatile ) Purist faucet – with its’ clean (yet soft circular) lines it can pull off the industrial look–while the brass finish lends an ultra classic touch, juxtaposing warm with the cooler monochromatic  colour scheme  – and partnering  with the rustic barn board, to balance the traditional floor and window.

And that monochromatic colour scheme  is the final touch that makes it all work so very  well together… keeping  it quiet – not too busy – a great  backdrop when mixing styles.

Overall this bathroom is a wonderful example of a room that is current and elegant ,  with a bit of spirit (achieved by the mix of styles and  a touch of unexpected) – and something I believe you would  not  tire of for a long, long time!

Harmonious design. Ahhh….can’t you just see yourself soaking in that tub – for years to come (note the grab bar… a little ergonomics thrown in as well)!



Design Principles Explained – Balance

Last May I wrote about the Five Principles of Design and promised to elaborate on each one. Well, it’s been 10 months so it’s probably time we got that. The first principle we’re going to discuss is balance.

There are three kinds of balance: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Radial.

1. Symmetrical Balance – One side mirrors the other.

2. Asymmetrical Balance – Different elements achieve a sense of similar visual weight on each side.

3. Radial – Elements are equally distributed around a centre point or line.

This room from Elle Decor is a perfect example of all three types of balance.

1. Symmetrical balance in the furniture arrangement, yellow pillows, lamps, and artwork.

2. Asymmetrical balance in the throw, tablescape behind the sofa, pillow on the right chair, artwork on the left and opening on the right.

3. Radial balance in the furniture arrangement around the coffee table.

Although each of the five principles are unique in definition, it’s important to remember that they must work together as a whole to be successful. It this case, balance cannot be achieved without the proper use of rhythm, harmony, emphasis and proportion. Can you see how the other principles have been used in this room?

If not, stay tuned and soon you’ll be able to!



Reese Witherspoon’s Beautiful California Home

The September 2012 issue of Elle Decor features the 1923 Wallace Neff ranch home Reese Witherspoon bought five years ago. “Libbey Ranch” is so full of history and she has lovingly made it her own with the help of designer Kristen Buckingham.

Wallace Neff was a California architect who played a huge roll in the introduction of what we now consider “California” style. This property was one of his earliest projects and was originally designed as stables for Edward Drummond Libbey (hence the name “Libbey Ranch”) and converted to a home in the 40’s by Architect Austen Pierpoint.

One of the previous owners was interior designer Kathryn Ireland. If you’re curious to see what it looked like when she owned it you can take the House Beautiful tour.

   “When you buy a beautiful piece of art, you don’t really own it, you’re just the caretaker.” -Reese Witherspoon

This attitude towards architecture makes me think that Reese and I could be good friends.

The home is so inviting and unassuming. Ironically, it takes a lot of work to pull off this effortless look.

With a  bedroom like this, I’m convinced this boy will grow up to be a real man. 

Her daughter’s room is brilliantly pulled together. There is a lot of pattern mixing going on here and yet it remains calm, girly and sophisticated.

We’ll end our tour with the perfect California patio.

Reese Witherspoon has always seemed sweet but doesn’t her home make you like her even more?



Welcome to InsideOut Design Etc.! We’re excited to start working together as a mother/daughter design team and hope this will be a place where you can find some inspiration and enjoy keeping up with our latest projects.

One of InsideOut’s most recent projects was a new desk at Vin65.

 (I stole this photo off Vin65’s facebook page)

InsideOut Design Etc. worked with Mountainside Renovations on the rest of the office that was completed last summer. However, Vin65 was soon in need of a few more work stations so they called us in to design a new desk. The  entire office is a work of art so they wanted to be sure the addition of a desk didn’t throw that off.

Above is the board room. Notice the logo in the table? Work. Of. Art.

The Vin65 office was one of my mom’s favourite projects and you can see why here. The finished space is stunning!