Reese Witherspoon’s Beautiful California Home

The September 2012 issue of Elle Decor features the 1923 Wallace Neff ranch home Reese Witherspoon bought five years ago. “Libbey Ranch” is so full of history and she has lovingly made it her own with the help of designer Kristen Buckingham.

Wallace Neff was a California architect who played a huge roll in the introduction of what we now consider “California” style. This property was one of his earliest projects and was originally designed as stables for Edward Drummond Libbey (hence the name “Libbey Ranch”) and converted to a home in the 40’s by Architect Austen Pierpoint.

One of the previous owners was interior designer Kathryn Ireland. If you’re curious to see what it looked like when she owned it you can take the House Beautiful tour.

   “When you buy a beautiful piece of art, you don’t really own it, you’re just the caretaker.” -Reese Witherspoon

This attitude towards architecture makes me think that Reese and I could be good friends.

The home is so inviting and unassuming. Ironically, it takes a lot of work to pull off this effortless look.

With a  bedroom like this, I’m convinced this boy will grow up to be a real man. 

Her daughter’s room is brilliantly pulled together. There is a lot of pattern mixing going on here and yet it remains calm, girly and sophisticated.

We’ll end our tour with the perfect California patio.

Reese Witherspoon has always seemed sweet but doesn’t her home make you like her even more?



Unexpected Thursdays – Conversation Pits

I don’t know about you but I love a good conversation pit. I casually mentioned dropping the floor in our living room during our reno to create one but somethings just can’t be forced. Some things just aren’t practical either. Like loosing even more headroom in the basement. Somethings are practical though… like adding a baby gate and having the most awesome play pen in town. To think our house could have been THE place for infants to hang out. How fun.

Anyways, let’s move on to places where conversation pits are a reality.

You may want to check out the rest of the Miller House. It’s worth a look.

Desire to Inspire

Design Attractor

An outdoor conversation pit does the trick when an indoor one just isn’t possible.

I realize I’m very much alone in my love of octagon houses but maybe I can sell you on one with a conversation pit?

Enjoy your Thursday!


The Only Five Rules You Must Follow (For a Successful Design)

Every well designed space follows these five principles:

1. Balance

2. Rhythm

3. Harmony

4. Emphasis

5. Proportion

Elle Decor

It’s important to remember that each individual piece in your room means nothing until you pull the whole room together using these principles. That is why you can love something in the store but not feel the same way when you bring it home. It’s the same reason you can love the feel of a room but not necessarily any individual piece in the room.

Kemble Interiors

So if you feel like there are areas of your home that just don’t look right it’s probably because they are missing at least one of these principles. Over the next while I’ll explain each principle in detail to help you pull your room together using what you have or give you some direction if you’re looking to purchase some new pieces.



Welcome to InsideOut Design Etc.! We’re excited to start working together as a mother/daughter design team and hope this will be a place where you can find some inspiration and enjoy keeping up with our latest projects.

One of InsideOut’s most recent projects was a new desk at Vin65.

 (I stole this photo off Vin65’s facebook page)

InsideOut Design Etc. worked with Mountainside Renovations on the rest of the office that was completed last summer. However, Vin65 was soon in need of a few more work stations so they called us in to design a new desk. The  entire office is a work of art so they wanted to be sure the addition of a desk didn’t throw that off.

Above is the board room. Notice the logo in the table? Work. Of. Art.

The Vin65 office was one of my mom’s favourite projects and you can see why here. The finished space is stunning!