Design Principles Explained – Balance

Last May I wrote about the Five Principles of Design and promised to elaborate on each one. Well, it’s been 10 months so it’s probably time we got that. The first principle we’re going to discuss is balance.

There are three kinds of balance: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Radial.

1. Symmetrical Balance – One side mirrors the other.

2. Asymmetrical Balance – Different elements achieve a sense of similar visual weight on each side.

3. Radial – Elements are equally distributed around a centre point or line.

This room from Elle Decor is a perfect example of all three types of balance.

1. Symmetrical balance in the furniture arrangement, yellow pillows, lamps, and artwork.

2. Asymmetrical balance in the throw, tablescape behind the sofa, pillow on the right chair, artwork on the left and opening on the right.

3. Radial balance in the furniture arrangement around the coffee table.

Although each of the five principles are unique in definition, it’s important to remember that they must work together as a whole to be successful. It this case, balance cannot be achieved without the proper use of rhythm, harmony, emphasis and proportion. Can you see how the other principles have been used in this room?

If not, stay tuned and soon you’ll be able to!




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