Good Design + Budget = Sustainability

We’ve probably all seen Mike Holmes rip out enough drywall, flooring, and other construction materials that are sometimes less than a year old, to realize that good construction is imperative to sustainability. It is very hard to watch all that new material ripped out and end up in the landfill!

Well, good design runs right alongside good construction in sustainability. In our business, we have seen homes of less than 5 years of age, having materials ripped out, inside and/or out – reasons being – to either bring the exterior up to par with the rest of the homes in the area or to bring the interior up to par with the architecture of the exterior and design of the home. The culprit for the finishing falling short is often because the budget has been exceeded and there are not enough funds to properly complete the project…

Therefore, I think we can say that good design starts with a well thought out, proper budget. Design and build only what you can afford (contingency included) … and build it right. Design/Build a “smart” house. A future addition can always be incorporated in the original design, but then, with a smart design, who knows, you may discover that you don’t even need the extra space after all!


Take this beautiful dining space – with built-in seating, the table can be placed closer to the wall, thereby saving space, creating a coziness for everyday dining that is often found in smaller kitchen eating areas. Good planning combined with timeless finishes…no one is going to feel the need to renovate this space any time soon! If this room was open to another space, the table could be turned lengthwise and extended for larger gatherings, providing even more space than many large formal dining rooms offer.



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