Seven Incredible Houses. In Merritt.

Last weekend we went camping to Monck Provincial Park on Nicola lake just past Merritt. We saw a sign for Nicola Estates and, as real estate addicts, had to check it out. Now Merritt is not known for its architectural achievements so we a little were shocked to drive past the following houses…

This place was designed by Willson Design Group in Abbotsford. I love the simple architecture but the obvious attention to detail. It nicely blends into the hillside (or will when the plywood railings are replaced with glass) and takes full advantage of the view.

It’s a little hard to tell from the photo but this place has corrugated metal siding with wood trim. The lower roof (behind the truck) looked like a breezeway or covered deck. This lake gets windy so that would be a great place to sit outside, protected from the elements.

Love the roofline on this place.

This shows the back of the garage and side of the house.

The architect, Peter Rose, had a sign outside so I stalked him when I got home and found a couple other places he designed on Nicola lake.

Peter Rose is a Vancouver architect but I learned from his website that he was actually born in the Nicola Valley.  His designs respectfully compliment the surrounding natural beauty, as all good architecture should.

Now for some real estate listings…

See more pictures on the listing while it lasts.

Have $1,380,000? Check out this listing for more info.

What a nice surprise to find stunning architecture in the Nicola Valley.



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